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Bio Statement Best cooking apps for Android helping you have wonderful time with family

Meta: Cooking is a refreshing method bringing your family happiness. With the following wonderful apps, you can cook the best dishes for your family.

You can carry your phone in all over the place from your working place to your kitchen. You wonder why you should carry your phone into your kitchen? It is because there are many interesting apps supporting you with your cooking. This writing will suggest you the best cooking apps so that you can make a wonderful meal for your family in the coming days. Do you know where to download free apk apps for your Android? - It's our store. 

Oh She Glows

Cost: $2

Google Play customer rate: 4.4/5


Oh She Glows 

Having more than 145 recipes for cooking vegetable dishes and 100 gluten-free recipes, Oh She Glows app will bring you the foods that are not only healthy but also extremely aesthetically pleasing. The simple interface makes it easier for you to choose whatever you plan to whip up. 

With a brief description, instruction, nutritional information and a list of tips for each recipe, you can assure that all the foods for your family will be healthier. You can also choose your favourite recipes so that you can refer to it later, or to keep the information on the ones you want to make for one more time.

Also, the search in details allows filtering your recipes that suit your dietary plan and allergy, dish type and season.

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Cost: Free

Google Play customer rate: 4/5



Owning more than 300,000 recipes, BigOven app will make cooking simpler. With this useful app, you’ll be inspired by cooking new dishes in your kitchen. Also, this app allows you to access BigOven’s massive recipes library. 

You can also add your snapshots of cooking recipes and make a grocery list for your recipes. What you need to do is just typing three ingredients on your fridge; then BigOven will show you what to do with all that ingredients you have. 

The app also features a social function offering you to share the dish with your acquaintances and friends. Another benefit this app brings to you is giving you seasonal collections in your home screen that will surely inspire you with cooking.

Cost: Free

Google Play customer rate: 4.5/5



This app’s greatest plus point is the search engine. Indeed, besides providing hundreds of recipes for you to try out, Yummly offers you to tailor searches so that the dishes can meet your specific lifestyle and needs. If you are going on a diet, but you still want to try a good fry chicken, Yummly will help you with that. 

One more outstanding feature of this app is that it will come to find what dishes that you don’t like or like over the time. From that information, it will recommend you with recipes that are more suitable for your lifestyle and health. 

With that, you can save those recipes easier and remember the needed ingredients to your shopping list. Yummly also allows you to access a store that you can buy your essential cooking ingredients from the app; whether it is wine or a grill, you can find it all in Yummly. Don't hesitate to download top cool games and useful apps for free: best apk download site


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