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Bio Statement happy birthday images It did not appear to be a contagious disease. All cases had occurred exclusively in the city district of D. And all in the night from Thursday to Friday. There was not a single case of new cases. There were also strong doubts as to whether it was a disease at all. Up to now, no symptoms could be identified birthday images. The only anomalies were the grass-green color of the hair and the physically absolutely inexplicable fact that the hair could not cut, tear or otherwise remove the hair.

happy birthday images Although the situation was not as bad as it could have been, there was no denying that no one in the world had a conclusive explanation for this mysterious phenomenon. Here forces were at work, which opposed the earthly laws of nature.

happy birthday images Despite all the unprecedented research efforts, the mystery was not solved. The global order threatened to get out of line. The whole world was full of speculation and crazy hypotheses. Not only serious scientists, politicians, ordinances, and intelligence agencies had a boom; this was also the great hour for religious fanatics, sectarian sects, UFO believers, feminists and charlatans of any kind. A worldwide panic was presumably only because the mystery was restricted to the city district of D. and no new cases of grass green hair were registered.

happy birthday images But Elfriede Wohlfahrt was a strong woman. She did not let herself go. She designed her everyday life as usual, except that she did not step a single step outside the door. She kept herself informed by newspaper, radio, and television. Even on the evening of the seventh day after the catastrophe, the special dispatches offered no serious news. Only one more contribution, then the feature film would begin. 'Well, then, in God's name, we can still hear what this miserable fellow has to say.' Dr. Hänselmann, you are an expert in the field of attractiveness research, evolutionary psychology and the psychology of hair. How do you explain this phenomenon?

Well, as a scientist, I am used to thinking soberly and rationally, and I have to admit that this phenomenon has some aspects that can escape any logical explanation, but on the other hand there are also a few systematic connections that ... What are they, Doctor? On the one hand, this enigmatic phenomenon has something to do with sex, for women are affected, and there is something related to age because all affected women are beyond the menopause.

Yes but ...

Yes, I know what you are going to say, Mrs. Gollenstein, that's the jumping point, not all the older women have grass-green hair, so it's not just age, I analyzed all the cases I know something very important: all women who have grassy hair wear short hair, most of them have those bland, unified, long-lasting waves of great grandmother look, but all the women who have been spared wear their hair long and open no role to play, whether blond, brown, gray ...

Yes, and what do you conclude, Herr Hänselmann? Yes, I know the thesis is dared, and I can hardly believe it myself. It looks as if evolution is offended ... What do you mean, Doctor? You see, long open hair is a symbol of female sexuality and fertility in all cultures. With the short-cut hair and the great grandmother look, our women deprive themselves of their sexual appeal. But does that make a biological sense? happy birthday images.

##journal.issn##: 1946-1879