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Gaia’s Protocol

by willam princy (2019-01-11)

Just the same as red pepper, green pepper also contains a large Gaia’s Protocol Review number of vitamin C. In addition, it contains a variety of trace elements and vitamin K, which can prevent scurvy, and has a secondary therapeutic effect on bleeding gums, anemia and other diseases. Hot green pepper also contains capsaicin, so after eating, people will feel their heart rate is accelerating, and the skin blood vessels are dilating. What's more, the capsaicin also has the effect of bringing down the blood fat. Although pepper has a high nutritional and medical value, however, it is hot in nature, so it is inappropriate to eat too much pepper each time. 100 grams of fresh pepper or 10 grams of dried pepper every time is enough. Especially the pepper with a strong spicy flavor, if you eat too much, it will easily lead to hemorrhoids and other inflammation. In addition, the patients who suffer from hypertension and tuberculosis should pay more attention when eating pepper.

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