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Framework of Intelligent Shawl Massager

by Austin Jenks (2019-08-28)

Intelligent stole massager( Shoulder Massagers) can be separated right into three parts: control part, Care Massager electro-magnetic hammer component and also shawl coat. Smart Shoulder Massagers is separated into components, mostly composed of iron core, coil, resonance spring and also massage therapy head.

Caremessager_Foot_Massager_CM-Z19_BeetleJust how does the serape massager (shoulder massager) job?
When the coil on the fixed iron core is connected to Air Conditioning, the alternating magnetic field is created. Under the activity of the magnetic field force and also the resonance spring sheet, the massage head shakes repetitively. The resonance regularity is generally 100 Hz and the input power is 10-- 15W. If you are you looking for more regarding Care Massager stop by the web page. There are two means to change the vibration strength, one is to change the gap or care massagr current intensity of the iron core, the various other is to alter the regularity of resonance.

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