: Call For Submissions

Call for Submissions

ASAGE (American Society for Aesthetics Graduate E-journal)


ASAGE, the American Society for Aesthetics Graduate E-Journal, invites submissions from graduate students in any area of aesthetics for our upcoming issue 10.1, to appear in January, 2018.  

Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis, but they must be received by December 15, 2017 in order to be considered for publication in issue 10.1.  That issue will include a symposium on musical semiotics (broadly conceived), and graduate students interested in participating (by contributing an essay or serving as a commentator) should email Nick Curry (editor@asage.org).  We are also especially interested in publishing Interdisciplinary Essays (see below).

ASAGE publishes works of several types:

-Interdisciplinary Essays:  These are roughly 3000 word essays on aesthetics (broadly conceived, and from either the Analytic or Continental tradition) as it relates to some other field.  They are less about defending a view than exploring ways in which philosophical aesthetics can be enriched through engagements with neighboring disciplines.  If you are interested in submitting an Interdisciplinary Essay or have questions, please email Nick Curry (editor@asage.edu). 

-Conference Reports:  See issue 9.2 in which these were introduced.  Graduate students are invited to report on aesthetics conferences they attend.  For more information about conference reports, please visit http://asage.org/index.php/ASAGE/article/view/230/115.  If you are interested in writing a Conference Report or have questions, please email Nick Curry (editor@asage.edu).

-Articles:  Traditional journal articles of roughly 3000 words on any topic in aesthetics (broadly conceived).  For more information, see http://asage.org/index.php/ASAGE/information/authors

-Book Reviews:  1000 word reviews of recently published books in aesthetics.  For more information, see http://asage.org/index.php/ASAGE/announcement/view/4 

 -Dissertation Abstracts:  475 word abstracts of defended dissertations in aesthetics.  For more information, see http://asage.org/index.php/ASAGE/announcement/view/17

Any questions or comments can be directed to editor@asage.org.

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Nick Curry

PhD Candidate, University of Illinois at Chicago

Managing Editor, ASAGE


Eric Murphy

PhD Candidate, McGill University

Associate Editor, ASAGE



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